The comedian Mauro Muñiz Urquiza, better known by his stage name Don Mauro, has died this Saturday at the age of 58, without revealing the causes of death, as the comedian Luis Priedrahita has announced on social networks.

“Don Mauro has passed away. A comedian through and through, one of the usual ones. A committed, cultured and knowledgeable uncle. A classic. DEP”, his partner has published on his Twitter profile.

Mauro Muñiz was the son of journalists Paloma de Urquiza and Mauro Muñiz, and brother of María Muñiz, a socialist MEP and became known in the early 2000s with his monologues on Paramount Comedy. In addition to his facet as a comedian, Muñiz also worked as an actor in series such as ‘Aída’, ‘Hospital Central’, ‘La que se avecina’, ‘Without tits there is no paradise’, ‘Paco’s men’, ‘Muchachada Nui ‘ or Coconut Museum’.

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