Birthdays, Black Friday, Christmas: Anyone who shares an Amazon account, for example within the family, can have good reasons for wanting to hide their last order.

If you want to hide your order history at the shipping giant Amazon because the account is used by several people, you only need to know a few clicks. We reveal which ones.

In order to hide individual orders in the history of an Amazon account, users must log in to Amazon via a web browser. Then simply move the mouse over the account segment at the top of the screen (“Hello, [Name]”). Click on “My Orders” and wait for the next page to load.

In the “My Orders” menu, Amazon customers can find the order they want either via a keyword search in the search bar or by clicking on the period of the order in the period drop-down and choosing between individual years, the last three months or the last 30 days.

If the desired order is found, it will be hidden in the future by clicking on “Archive order”. This works either in the list of orders for the respective period directly under the individual orders or by clicking on the order and then pressing the “Archive order” button.

A button then opens that tells customers how many orders can still be archived – the maximum is 500. After clicking on “Archive order” again, Amazon reports with a green tick: “Your order has been archived.”

However, after that the order has not completely disappeared. The menu item “Archived orders” is hidden under “My account” in the lower area under the heading “Order and shopping settings”. The archived orders are listed here. Clicking on “Cancel order” reverses the process and the order ends up in the “My orders” list again.