Is playing guitar in a rock band a job like any other? It was through a small ad posted on social networks that the Smashing Pumpkins set out to find their new guitarist. The American alternative rock group launched a call for applications on Friday, January 5, “open to anyone who might be interested.” “Please send your resume and any relevant content to,” says the band behind the hits “1979” and “Tonight, Tonight.”

The announcement follows the departure in October of Jeff Schroeder, guitarist with the group since 2007.

On tour with Weezer and Green Day

Initially formed in the late 1980s in Chicago, the Smashing Pumpkins experienced their heyday during the 1990s with singer Billy Corgan at the helm. Their metal sounding music mixed with more pop elements made them an icon of a generation until their breakup in 2000.

Billy Corgan relaunched the group in 2006. The group will now have to define its style with a fourth member ahead of a tour in Europe with the group Weezer. Their first concert will be on June 7 in Birmingham, England. At the end of July, they will join Green Day’s North American stadium tour.