Joker du scrutin

So that’s what “a winner’s face” is? Last week, Geert Wilders, figure of the Dutch far right and boss of the PVV, the Freedom Party, won to everyone’s surprise the legislative elections in the Netherlands, well ahead of the environmentalist and socialist list, and thus winning thirty-seven deputy seats out of the one hundred and fifty in the Second Chamber. Once a coalition has been found with parties from the right and center right, the populist Geert Wilders will be able to roll out his program in all its complexity and richness: immigrants out.

Populist at all costs

If Geert Wilders’ victory was not decided by a hair, far from it, it remains particularly striking from a hair point of view. In fact, Geert Wilders is, like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson or Javier Milei in Argentina, in the great lineage of populists with a haircut as disruptive as the speech. In this case, there is nothing natural about Geert Wilders’s swept-back mane. A perfectly artificial blonde, it even earned him, in his country, the sweet nickname of “Captain Peroxide”, inspired by a character from the iconic Buffy series.

Color copy

In addition to this spectacular hair, Geert Wilders sports a navy blue suit, a white shirt and a red silk rep tie. Suffice to say that, to resemble Donald Trump, the Dutch don’t do things by halves… Although: when the American populist uses the so-called “Windsor” tie knot, symmetrical and totally devoid of charm, the Dutch populist prefers the ” half-Windsor,” asymmetrical and charming on paper, but here dramatically untight.

Neck and shirt

Since we are in the tie section, let’s take a moment to observe that of one of the two security men behind Wilders, in this case the one on the left. A copper-colored tie hangs from his neck, but that is not the most problematic here. So what ? The huge space (it is huge) between the shirt collar and this man’s glottis indeed indicates a terrible shirt sizing mistake. Much too large, the latter gapes at the neck and causes the general sagging of the put… Useful reminder: breathing is good; being elegant is better.


Is it time to end this? Exactly, let’s zoom in, between the forest of tense microphones, in the direction of Geert Wilders’ watch strap. This one, in brushed steel, is an Oyster, the flagship bracelet model from Rolex. Flat in shape and made up of three links, it was marketed from 1948 and manufactured for a long time by the Swiss at Gay Frères, before the company was bought by Rolex in 1998. Complete coincidence: it was that same year, Twenty-five years ago, Geert Wilders began his rise to the top by becoming an MP for the first time.