Count Binface Challenges Rishi Sunak in North Yorkshire Constituency

Count Binface has made a bold announcement, declaring his candidacy in the upcoming general election to go head-to-head with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in his North Yorkshire constituency. The intergalactic space warrior revealed his intentions on his podcast Trash Talk, stating that he will be contesting in Richmond and Northallerton, currently held by Sunak since 2015.

Binface, standing outside County Hall in Northallerton, emphasized his determination to take on “the biggest fish of the lot” on July 4. He taunted Sunak, saying, “You shirked D-Day Rishi, you can’t miss the B-Day.” The eccentric candidate, who previously garnered 24,260 votes in the London Mayoral Elections, expressed his eagerness for the electoral battle, likening it to Fury vs. Usyk multiplied by a billion.

The lineup of candidates for the constituency includes Count Binface representing the Count Binface Party, along with Daniel Callaghan from the Liberal Democrats, Lou Dickins from the Workers Party, Kevin Foster from the Green Party, Archibald Stanton from the Monster Raving Loony Party, Rishi Sunak from the Conservative Party, Lee Taylor from Reform UK, and Tom Wilson from the Labour Party.

With the election heating up, all eyes are on the clash between Count Binface and Rishi Sunak as they prepare for an epic showdown on July 4. Stay tuned for more updates on this electrifying contest.