This is a first since 2019 for Armand Duplantis. The Swede, world record holder in pole vault (6.23 meters), did not clear 6 meters on Saturday January 27 for his return to competition. Indoors, in Astana, Kazakhstan, “Mondo” had to settle for 5.80 meters – still the 7th performance of the season, the American Christopher Nilsen, currently 1st, having cleared 5.90 meters in Reno ( Nevada), January 12.

Armand Duplantis started his competition well, at 5.60 meters, but he then had to try twice to clear 5.80 meters, then he failed in his three attempts at 6 meters.

It must be said that the Swede is used to pushing the limits of his discipline. Indoors, he had always jumped 6 meters or more since February 2021 and his 5.86 meters in Liévin (Pas-de-Calais). The Scandinavian still won the first big meeting of the winter in Kazakstan, ahead of Belgian Ben Broeders (5.70 meters).

Armand Duplantis continues with the Uppsala meeting, at home, in Sweden, at the beginning of February. Then he is expected, at the end of the month, in Clermont-Ferrand for the All Star Perche meeting organized by his friend Renaud Lavillenie.

He should conclude his indoor season with the world championships in Glasgow (Scotland) in early March.