The “blatant crime” of Nico Hulkenberg had a bad end, but the German can hope for a sequel. If Racing is Point-regular driver Sergio Perez after his positive Coronavirus Test last week, no release by the British health authority, gets Hülkenberg at next weekend again at Silverstone, a Chance for self-promotion. “This will show in the next few days, at the latest on Thursday. And until then, I’ll prepare myself more on a possible use,“ said Emmerich, after his dramatically prevented the Start on Sunday.

minutes before expiry, the start lights at the Grand Prix of great Britain performed at the Racing Point with the number 27 to be a Problem on the gearbox, frantic activity in the Garage of the Pink Panther broke out at the end of pure disappointment and entered remained faces. “The engine will not start. This is bitter,” said Hülkenberg after probably the most turbulent race weekend of his career at RTL-microphone: “A flagrant crime, in which I find myself. It was nothing, there was nothing to repair.“ A broken bolt in the clutch housing caused the problems. This component had loosened and clamped, said Racing-Point-team Manager Otmar Szafnauer: “Therefore, we were not able to start the engine.”

It all began in a fairy tale, like a modern formula-1 -: On Thursday, Hulkenberg was for the purpose of test-driving for the ADAC GT Masters on the way to the Nürburgring, rang in a Cafe at the Cologne airport, the cell phone of the long Blonde. Racing-Point-team-in-chief Szafnauer had to make him a tempting offer to: Checo Perez here under Corona is suspected, a replacement had to be found. Hulkenberg did not hesitate, and after the positive test result of the Mexican set, the 32-Year-old on the way to Silverstone.