The Franco-Lebanese shipyard magnate Iskandar Safa, owner of the far-right weekly Valeurs Acteurs, died on Monday January 29, announced the director of this publication.

“We are saddened this evening to inform you of the death of our owner, Iskandar Safa. Left with the dignity of the knight that he was. May God bless his soul and protect his family, who meant so much to him,” wrote Tugdual Denis on the social network X.

“A warrior to the end, he has faced a serious illness in recent months, but it has taken a toll on his courage. He died, standing, on January 29, 2024, in Mougins, surrounded by the warmth of his family,” specifies a press release written by the editorial staff of the weekly and published on its website.

Negotiator for the release of hostages in Lebanon

Born in 1955 into a Christian family, the businessman was one of the negotiators for the 1988 release of French hostages in Lebanon. He became known to the general public in 1992 by purchasing the Normandy Mechanical Construction Sites (CMN).

Very secretive, Mr. Safa controlled shipyards in Cherbourg (CMN), in Greece, in Abu Dhabi and in Germany, north of Hamburg (GNYK for large military ships and Nobiskrug, from which the largest came out in 2017 sailing yacht of the world). Its clients included six major national navies. He bought Current Values ​​in 2015 for 9.2 million euros, according to the accounts of the holding company set up for the occasion.

In 2019, he was a candidate for the takeover of Nice-Matin. His fortune, and that of his brother Akram, amounted to 1.45 billion euros in 2023, according to Challenges magazine.