Today, Friday April 14, the Catholic Church celebrates the festivities of San Valeriano, San Máximo and San Tiburcio.

Valeriano is the husband of Santa Cecilia from whom he receives the gift of faith that he in turn transmits to his brother Tiburcio.

According to the Vatican website, the two, who buried the murdered Christians at night, are sentenced to death but before converting the jailer Máximo.

The three Roman martyrs lived in the third century.

The Catholic saints are the group of people recognized by the Church as saints or blessed on a specific date. The Roman Martyrology is the document that names and distributes in the calendar the almost 7,000 saints and blessed recognized by the Church.

The saints and saints are prominent men and women in the various religious traditions for their special relationships with the divinities or for a particular ethical elevation. While the consideration of blessed constitutes the third step on the path to canonization.

Today’s saints day, April 14, also celebrates the following saint’s days:

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