The maker of electric cars, it is not just a stock market success after the other, and demonstrates that now with the announcement of a stock split, its strength. Who the reporting date on 21. August Tesla shareholder, is to receive certificates for each share held and a further four share. This will be a week later, on may 28. August, after the regular end of trading, distributed. The company announced on Tuesday, what was the share price after the beginning of the American stock exchange in trade on Wednesday to more than 7 percent.

Mark Fehr

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

The trading with the split shares on December 31, to. August start. The course will be reduced at the Moment of the split was calculated to be 80 percent, but it is only a purely optical result. The splitting of the existing shares in a ratio of one-to-five changed immediately, neither the value of the shares of the investors in the stock market value of the company. What is the purpose of the measure then?

Tesla wants to make its shares by the Split for employees and investors more accessible, such as from the communication of the company’s. The stock will look after the Split, far cheaper than before. The decisive factor is that retail investors because of the more manageable denomination can sprinkle your manageable Portfolio because of the minimum amount of drops for your system.

The plays in the case of Tesla a significant role, finally, of course, had passed in July, the brand of 1600 dollars per share, what is compared to many other shares, a high absolute amount. In the stock market in General, only whole share purchase, although some dealers also offer trade in fractions. Who shrank back so far alone due to the high prices of the entry-level Tesla, however, could invest even before the share split with a Mini-amounts in the company. This worked with share savings plans, in which month-to-month fixed sums, for example, from 50 Euro, are paid. In this form of investment, the acquisition of shares, fractional parts to the System.

Apple wants to split

investors see stock splits as a sign of the strength of the company. To trust such a step only issuers whose prices have risen over a long period of time strongly. Also the investors popular technology company, Apple had recently announced a stock split. Flagging companies, however, will want to push their embattled stock prices hardly split even further in the basement. Loose the candidate to decide on the other hand, the opposite step of the reverse stock split. In doing so, you reduce the number of their shares in a specified ratio.