Newsworthy Baby Names Inspired by Pop Stars Taking UK by Storm

Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Beyonce are undoubtedly some of the biggest popstars of this generation. Recent data from a study by A2D2 has revealed a remarkable 112% increase in celebrity-inspired baby names over the past decade in the UK.

The study found that Taylor Swift’s influence has been significant, with a 62% rise in British babies named Taylor in the last year alone. Meanwhile, Dua Lipa’s impact is also evident, as baby Duas have surged by 113% since her debut single in 2015.

Surprisingly, neither Taylor Swift nor Dua Lipa topped the list for girls’ names. Instead, names like Olivia and Lana took the lead, potentially inspired by singers Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Ray. Ariana and Billie followed closely behind, indicating the influence of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish on British parents.

Other notable names in the top 10 list include Adele, Stefani (Lady Gaga), and Beyonce. Additionally, the hit series ‘Bridgerton’ on Netflix has sparked a trend in baby names, with names like Colin, Eloise, and Daphne gaining popularity.

Kiddies Kingdom, a nursery retailer, has observed the impact of pop culture on baby names and suggests that parents are choosing names based on their favorite TV characters, meaningful places, or beloved family members. With the rise of celebrity-inspired names, it seems that pop stars are leaving a lasting impression on the next generation in the UK.