Universal Audio Unveils LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip Plugin

Universal Audio has recently introduced a groundbreaking new plugin, the LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip. This innovative plugin combines emulations of three iconic analogue pieces of equipment – the 610 tube preamp, 1176 FET compressor, and LA-2A tube compressor – into a single channel strip.

The LA-6176 plugin is inspired by UA’s hardware unit, the 6176 channel strip, which was released in 2004. This hardware unit integrated the 610 Modular Amplifier preamp, known for its use on classic records by artists like The Beach Boys and Johnny Cash, with the legendary 1176LN compressor. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 6176, Universal Audio set out to create a software version of the unit but decided to incorporate the LA-2A compressor as well.

Universal Audio CEO Bill Putnam Jr. describes the LA-6176 plugin as a “what if we just…” type of plugin, highlighting the innovative approach taken in its development. The plugin allows users to seamlessly switch between the punchy, FET-based compression of the 1176 and the smooth, gentle sound of the LA-2A, all while benefiting from the harmonics and overdrive of the 610 preamp.

The LA-6176 plugin features the contemporary 610-B circuit, offering more advanced EQ controls compared to the original hardware. Available in both UAD Native and UAD-2 formats, the plugin can be used without any UA hardware. However, users with an Apollo interface can take advantage of UA’s Unison modeling technology to replicate the unique characteristics of the 610 preamp.

Priced at $299, the LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip plugin is currently on sale for $99 until June 30 as part of Universal Audio’s half-yearly promotion. For more information on the plugin, visit Universal Audio’s website.

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