In 2024, the Community of Madrid maintains the 60% reduction in the prices of monthly public transport passes. With the extension of these deductions, which extends until December 31, Blue Card users will continue to pay only 4.30 euros per month.

The blue card allows unlimited use of EMT buses, the Madrid Metro (zone A) and Line ML-1 of the Light Metro. Therefore, it is not valid for traveling on Line ML-2 of the Light Metro or for Cercanías trains.

This is a personal and non-transferable card, which includes the name and photograph of the holder. The title is aimed at citizens registered in the capital who meet certain age or disability characteristics and income limits.

The fee for loading the card each month is 6.20 euros, although with the 60% discount applied the price to pay remains at 4.30 euros.

In addition to being registered in the municipality of Madrid, the cardholder must belong to some of the following categories:

In addition to being registered in Madrid and belonging to one of the aforementioned categories, there is another economic requirement to be able to apply for the Blue Card for public transport: having a certain level of income, according to the information held by the State Agency. of Tax Administration (AEAT) and the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) at the time of the application.

According to information from the Madrid City Council, the calculation for granting or denying the Blue Card is based on the IPREM (Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator), although it varies depending on the category of beneficiary:

The total individual income level is calculated taking into account the information from:

If the applicant filed the Income Tax Declaration jointly, it will be considered that their individual income level will be 50% of the total income that appears in said declaration.

According to information from the council, in the event that the applicant is over 65 years of age, a pensioner due to age or a person valued as a dependent over 18 years of age in any of their grades, consideration will be given to whether they have one or more people at your expense, since in these cases the level of total individual income admitted will be increased.

The Blue Card can be requested in person at the Madrid Line Citizen Service Offices. It is not necessary to make an appointment, unless you go to an auxiliary office; In that case, an appointment must be made through the municipal system or the toll-free number 010.

In the case of in-person processing at a citizen service office, the card applicant must provide a photograph, DNI and the documentation required according to the category (judgment of legal incapacity and appointment of guardian; family book; resolution of the pensioner status; disability ruling…).

The procedure can also be carried out online, although the portal announces that it is currently only available for the category “person with capacity over 18 years of age.” You just have to access the electronic headquarters of the Madrid City Council, enter “Blue Transport Card for buses (EMT) and metro” in the search engine and select “Process online”.

It should be noted that to process the blue card online it is necessary to have electronic identification (Cl@ve, DNIe or electronic certificate) and provide a photograph (in .jpg or similar format). In addition, consent must be given for automatic verification of requirements (registration in the municipality of Madrid and verification through the Data Intermediation Platform of the income level and degree of disability). If consent is not granted, the applicant must go to a citizen service office to complete the process.