A “romantic scam” of which a person from the province of Zamora who reported the events to the Civil Guard was a victim has made it possible to identify five members of a criminal gang that operated from Italy to commit this type of crimes, EFE has been informed. research sources.

This criminal modality, also called love scam, consists of deceiving someone with a false romantic relationship over the Internet and then asking them for money or obtaining enough personal information to steal from them electronically. The Zamora complainant suffered this scam with an amount of around 18,000 euros.

In this case, the perpetrators would have contacted the victim through social networks and that way they obtained the money.

To avoid this type of situation, the Civil Guard has recommended not providing strangers with a copy of your DNI or bank details to prevent them from being used maliciously to commit crimes against the victim themselves or against third parties.

The agents’ investigation, which has had international police collaboration, has made it possible to identify five people of Nigerian nationality and residents in Italy as the alleged perpetrators of the scam.

These five people have also been charged with alleged crimes of money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

The proceedings carried out in this case by the arroba team of the Zamora Civil Guard have already been made available to the Zamora court, which has taken charge of the investigation.