Pokémon Fan Convention Turns into Disaster, Attendees Report Safety Concerns

The highly anticipated Pokémon fan convention, Pokeverse, took a disastrous turn as attendees reported safety concerns and lack of proper planning. Partnered with the Make-a-Wish foundation and featuring the original voice of Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon TV series, the event in Mandaluyong, Manila was compared to a Willy Wonka experience gone wrong.

Attendee BintuRita, whose social media posts about the event went viral, criticized the lack of care for young attendees and the overall disorganized nature of the convention. Despite promises of exciting activities such as “trainer quests” and live performances, the event fell short of expectations.

Concerns were raised even before the convention began regarding its unlicensed nature and partnership with a Dubai NFT firm. Once inside, attendees were met with downsized attractions and unrelated sponsor booths selling Chinese lucky charms.

One of the most alarming moments was a Make-a-Wish panel where terminally-ill children were brought on stage for filming, wearing surgical masks in front of a large crowd. Attendees, including minors, were also filmed without consent, raising further safety concerns.

In response to the backlash, Pokeverse organizers have promised to investigate the issues and improve for future events. Despite the chaotic experience, some attendees managed to enjoy meeting special guests like Veronica Taylor and Jason Paige.

While some attendees had a positive experience, many echoed BintuRita’s sentiments, wishing for better planning and a more Pokémon-centered event. The Pokémon Company has yet to comment on the situation, leaving many fans waiting for answers.