Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The alleged sex scandal against the state’s top police officer, who has been released from duty, will be heard at the Stuttgart Regional Court from April 21. This was announced by a spokesman on Friday. The criminal court scheduled a total of eight days of hearings.

According to the investigation, he is said to have sexually harassed a police officer in Stuttgart – in return for career advantages. According to earlier information, the public prosecutor’s office accuses him of “knowingly exploiting the fact that, due to his professional position, he was able to cause the police officer considerable professional disadvantages in the event of resistance”.

His lawyer, Jens Rabe, had announced that he would fight for an acquittal. It is regrettable that the public prosecutor’s office brought charges at all “with this evidence situation”.

Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) has also been under pressure because of the matter for a long time – according to his own statements, he had passed on a letter from the inspector’s lawyer to a journalist. A committee of inquiry in the state parliament examines sexual harassment by the police as well as the practice of promotion and Strobl’s actions.