Suzuki Motor Announces Closure of Auto Plant in Thailand by 2025

Japanese auto giant Suzuki Motor has revealed its plans to shut down a subsidiary’s auto factory in Thailand by the end of 2025. This decision comes as a result of sluggish sales in the country and the company’s strategic shift towards focusing on global production sites with more promising markets.

Suzuki Motor Thailand (SMT) was established in 2011, following the Thai government’s eco-car project announcement in 2007. The SMT plant began manufacturing fuel-efficient compact cars in 2012, producing up to 60,000 units annually, including exports.

This move by Suzuki Motor to close its auto plant in Thailand follows a similar decision by Subaru and comes at a time when Chinese electric vehicle makers are entering the market. The company’s decision highlights the changing landscape of the automotive industry and the need for companies to adapt to evolving market conditions.