Selena Gomez Considers Retiring from Music Tours Due to Emotional Toll

American singer Selena Gomez recently opened up about the emotional toll that music tours take on her, hinting that she may not go on tour again in the near future. In an interview with Time Magazine, the 31-year-old star expressed that the touring process is “emotionally draining” for her, despite the joy of connecting with her fans.

Gomez, who last toured in 2016, revealed that she struggles with loneliness at times and emphasized the importance of expressing emotions. She also touched upon her decision to step back from social media due to negative comments that affected her mental health.

The singer, known for hits like “Hands to Myself” and “Rare,” shared her uncertainty about the future of her music career, indicating that her next album could potentially be her last as she considers focusing on acting. Gomez has recently received critical acclaim for her role in the comedy mystery series “Only Murders in the Building” alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short.

During an episode of the SmartLess podcast, Gomez discussed her evolving priorities and the need to find a sense of stability in her career choices. While she acknowledged her passion for music and touring, she expressed a desire to explore acting further and potentially shift her focus in the entertainment industry.

As fans speculate about Gomez’s future projects, the singer’s candid reflections shed light on the challenges of balancing fame, creativity, and personal well-being in the spotlight.